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The Society focuses its attentions on the town centre area of the Borough where residents have no Parish Councillors to represent them.  Particular emphasis is on the six conservation areas and any surrounding area likely to impact on the town.  Subject to this the Societies objectives are -

To promote high standards of planning and architecture.

To inform the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture in the area.

To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest.

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Annual General Meeting
This did not take place. The committee took a decision, shared by email, to remain with the officers and committee in place for the time being. We welcome Joan Wilson to the committee as she had been proposed. This can be confirmed at the AGM when it is eventually rescheduled. If we had had an AGM, we would have read out our founder’s message, so here it is below.
Many thanks to all the committee members for all their hard work during the past year. It has been a busy year, involving several projects. I won't name names, but there is a nucleus of members who take on much of the work, so a special thank you to them - we all know who you are.  Here's to what looks like is going to be an 'interesting' year.
Andrew Benson-Wilson
(Honorary Life President)

Gift of trees
The Society’s gift of trees  to each of the 3 main town parks has gone ahead. Because of the current restrictions, we couldn’t be there to see them planted as we would have wished. Luckily, committee members on their daily exercise were able to photograph the trees.  They should be watered by the council’s contractors, but this could prove a difficult year for new trees.
Magnolia in Glebe Gardens
Walnut in War Memorial Park
Liquidambar in Eastrop Park
These post-war houses in Sherborne, Kingsclere and other roads are 100 years old this year. They owe their design to the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement, with their ‘catslide’ roofs. The foundation stone tells us that Cllr Julian was mayor at the time. These were the second group of council houses in Basingstoke – the first ones were in Cranbourne Lane.

New roads on the former Lilly site, now known as Chapel Gate, have used the names from the Commonwealth War Graves in the old cemetery at South View (Holy Ghost Cemetery).
Society member, Ernie Fullbrook was curious to see that there is a Fullbrook Drive,  as his grandfather, Ernest, is buried in South View. Mr Fullbrook told us that Fullbrook Drive exits just  opposite where  his Grandmother, Ernest’s widow, lived from 1920 when the houses were built. Ernest Fullbrook, born in 1874, was a veteran of the Boer War. After being demobbed, he worked at the Essex Road Co-op. When WW1 began, he was called up as an Army Reservist and was serving as a serjeant in the Army Service Corps working as  a guard at a German Prisoner of War Camp. He died in Knowle hospital, Fareham, on 11/4/1917 after falling ill. It was the ward councillors who had suggested to the council that names should be sourced from the CWGC headstones.
Gazette Archive – we have reached the end of our efforts to assist in finding a home for the newspaper archive. Our understanding is that the print press will go to The Willis and the print blocks and cases to Milestones.

We are able to contribute occasional articles for the Gazette’s ‘Flashback’ page. The most recent was about Goldings and its residents and was in the paper on 9 April.  

The Burberry family vault in South View cemetery has been refurbished by Spencer & Peyton courtesy of the Burberry Company. Around the kerbstone are the initials of 12 family members of whom only 6 are actually buried here .  
1. Where is this taken?
 2. Where are these houses?
 3. What is being demolished here?
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4. Which side of Winchester Street are these premises?
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This path through the old Shrubbery site is very overgrown and not user-friendly. We have written to County to ask if they would do a minimum of work to make it a safe and usable route from Castle Field path to Cliddesden Road.  County Highways  are responsible for it as it was acquired some 50 years ago in case the Ringway required widening. If any resident would enjoy taking on some conservation work, should County agree, then let us know.
May 8th 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE day. Here are a selection of street parties held in the town that month to celebrate that event. They are Queens Road;  May Street;  Near Clifton Terrace (Smith Bros. granary visible) and Bramblys Drive.